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Melissa McCarthy is 'The Boss'


Melissa McCarthy is a big comedy star and can crank out a couple of movies a year now, like Jerry Lewis or Adam Sandler did back in their glory days. The Boss (out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD) is the latest film she's co-written with her director and husband Ben Falcone. Expanding on a character she created back in her improv days, The Boss follows the fall and rise of Michelle Darnell, a self-made business tycoon and motivational speaker.

Kristin Bell plays her long-suffering assistant, who's also the only person willing to help McCarthy's character after she goes to prison for insider trading. Peter Dinklage is her (long-ago) ex-boyfriend who's now become her fiercest business rival. There's a business comeback involving brownies and competition with an organization that looks a lot like the Girl Scouts.

There are character issues that almost derail the comeback and a lot of love/hate romantic tension between McCarthy and Dinklage. There's plenty of physical comedy and an extended fight scene between the rival girls groups as the movie's centerpiece scene.

The disk includes a videotaped version of the original Michelle Darnell sketch from McCarthy's Groundlings improv days. It's hilarious. There's also an alternate ending featuring a second street battle with a boys' group led by former WWE wrestler and Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista.




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