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Protect Your iPhone Cable With Tudia Klip


Ask iPhone users what's the worst thing about their device and lots will tell you it's the lousy Lightning cables that seem to wear out every six months and cost $30 to replace. You can buy lots of third-party cables that claim to be stronger, but many of them feature connectors that are too large to fit into the holes on phone cases designed to work with Apple's cables. The Tudia Klip aims to fix that issue with a clip that protects the spot that usually wears out.




The Klip's 2-piece design is made of a silicone base and a polycarbonate clip. Wrap the silicone cage around the cable and hold it place with the plastic clip. They're available in five colors: pink, blue, green, grey, and yellow.


The clip claims that the solution reduces strain on the connection by 80%. They're small (0.59 inches in length and .08 oz) and the colors make it easy to identify which cables are yours.

Klip is designed to work with Apple's Lightning, 30-pin and Apple Watch charging cables. They're not going to work with the vast majority of third-party cables, because most of them try to solve the strain issues by bulking up the cables or connectors.

If you've invested in Apple cables (or you have a new phone and want to extend the life of the cable that came with it), You can get a pair for around $7 right now on Amazon (or get 5 pairs - one of each color - for $21).


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