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The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 6/15/16


It’s raining military memes up in here (13 of them, to be exact):

1. That soldier’s face, though: (via Devil Dog Nation)


“They’re going to make us take all these apart to clean the holy water out.”

2. Hey, if the purple heart-wearing, Ranger infantry K9 wants to count his deployments in dog years, we recommend you count along (via Military Memes).


Otherwise, you’ll quickly learn that they don’t need four legs when they have all those teeth.

3. See, even the Joker enjoys mandatory fun day (via The Salty Soldier).


What could be better than being forced to have fun?

4. That is one disciplined corgi (via Sh-t my LPO says).


“Choke yourself!”

5. “You forgot your ID card? Hmmm, how can we turn one letter of reprimand into two?” (via Air Force Nation)


That security forces airman on the right thinks this is hilarious.

6. She’s apparently grabbing her diploma on her way to the C-17 to deploy (via Pop Smoke).


“Sorry, guys. Have to go spread democracy. Enjoy college or whatever.”

7. “We swept the whole place out yesterday chief.” (via Sh-t my LPO says)


“It was a different broom. That we don’t have right now. Don’t look for it.”

8. Don’t head to the chow hall until you get that beard shaved off (via Military Memes).


Sergeant major doesn’t care if you just saved the base from attack. Uniforms regulations are uniform regulations.

9. “Wait. Do other colleges exist?” (via Air Force Memes & Humor)


“That can’t be right.”

10. The only way the grass will spread and grow is if troops stop walking on it.” (via The Salty Soldier)


Or if sergeant major spills your blood all over it.

11. Corpsman porn is exactly what you expect (via Team Non-Rec).


Why else would they tell you to change socks so often? They just want to watch.

12. “Why yes, I am in the Coast Guard. Why do you ask?” (via Coast Guard Memes)


For anyone complaining about Popeye being on a Coast Guard board, just remember that he was a coastie before he was a sailor.

13. Sometimes, it’s possible to “Airborne!” too hard (via Do You Even Airborne, Bro?).


It’s around the time that you start using bus rides to practice actions inside the aircraft.

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