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'Powers' Adds a Marine Vet for Season 2

Powers, based on the graphic novel series, is a police procedural with a twist. Homicide detectives Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) investigate cases involving people with extraordinary abilities. What if we lived in a world full of superheroes who don't necessarily use their abilities for the good of humankind?

Season two has just launched and introduces the character of Marine Corps Sgt. Tiberio Martinez (played by Raul Casso). Martinez is the son of Mexican immigrants who lost both of his legs and an arm from an IED blast in Fallujah while rescuing one of his fellow Marines from sniper fire.

The producers were inspired to create Martinez after military vets reached out to actor Andrew Sensening after season one to tell him how much they identified with his character Triphammer, a self-made superhero and amputee who used technology to create abilities that propelled into the company of men and women who have natural "powers."

As season two launches, Triphammer is facing physical decline and recruits Martinez to take on his mantle. In the clip below from episode two, Triphammer approaches Martinez in a scene filmed in Atlanta's Piedmont Park.


Casso is not an amputee himself, so his prosthetic legs and missing arm are digitally created. If you don't subscribe to PlayStation Network (or don't own a PlayStation so you can subscribe), you can watch episode 1 on YouTube or Crackle. You can also check out season one on Blu-ray and DVD or buy digital copies from iTunes or Amazon.

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