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Next-Level Foreign Policy in 'London Has Fallen'


London Has Fallen (out now on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand) is a perfect movie for anyone who think freedom would be well-served by a president who's not afraid to personally mow down a few terrorists. In this sequel to the 2013 surprise hit Olympus Has Fallen, President Benjamin Asher heads to London to attend the UK Prime Minister's funeral with Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) in tow. 

The world thinks the PM died in his sleep, but he was actually murdered and the funeral is a terrorist setup to take out world leaders who've gathered for the service. Many of London's beloved landmarks are blown to smithereens, but somehow Asher and Banning escape the carnage. They're chased through the streets of London and must outwit the terrorists, who are determined to behead the president on live TV.

We've got a clip from the Blu-ray bonus features. Security specialist, technical advisor and resident movie set badass Will Geddes talks about getting the personal security details right for Banning's character.


LHF isn't a bargain-basement, military-themed action picture. The CGI destruction of London is spectacular and there's just enough on-location footage from the real city to hide the fact that most of the movie was shot in Bulgaria.

The terror plot is retaliation for a drone strike that had collateral damage. While Banning and President Asher freely acknowledge that American tactics may have caused a backlash, they don't much care and the strife they endure this time is unlikely to cause reflection or doubts in the future. This one's firmly in the Team America camp. And another sequel set in Las Vegas or Tokyo or even Mobile, AL seems like a great idea.


The Blu-ray comes with a couple of bonus features, a Making Of that explores the crew's filming in London and Guns, Knives and Explosives, which details the training Gerard Butler did for the role of a secret service agent.


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