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Fire a Sherman's Main Gun at Drive a Tank


Live our your World War II dreams with the Drive A Tank Gun and 4-Man Tank Crew Experience in Kasota, MN. Before we get to the details, check out this video:


Drive A Tank's Sherman Easy 8 tank now has a completely new cannon simulator that is an exact replica of the original Sherman 76mm M1A2 cannon. The air cannon uses a specially-designed shell that contains a large air charge inside of each shell casing, which are also designed to be as close to the original projectiles as possible.

Drive A Tank’s Gun and 4-Man Tank Crew Experience Features:

  • Loader pulls shells from ready rack and loads breech
  • Gunner and Tank Commander engage pop up and moving targets
  • Driver who maneuvers Sherman around simulated battle space
  • Education on how to load and fire weapon and proper target ID
  • Tank crew receives “grade” for effectiveness: communication, rate of fire, target ID, vehicle placement and rounds on target
  • Gun is safe to operate and uses no fire arms parts--only high-pressure air
  • Gun recoils like actual tank cannon
  • Fires simulated armor piercing and canister shot rounds
They have nine authentic military tanks and several military vehicles that have been used in actual combat. Customers can drive a tank in a combat scenario and run over just about anything that gets in your way, including cars and mobile homes! Prices start at $400 and top out at $3,495 for the mobile home trailer trashing experience.

Additionally, Drive A Tank offers an indoor shooting range with a myriad of historic firearms that only military personnel have handled. For more information, please call 507-931-7385 or visit www.driveatank.com.


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