Finally: Wireless Workout Headphones That Get the Job Done


The just-released NuForce BE6i wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones sound fantastic. They're the first wireless in-ear headphones I've used with sound that's comparable to wired headphones. The fully aluminum headphones are both sturdy and water-resistant, so they're capable of handling repeated trips to  the gym. And they're reasonably priced at $129.

Sure, there are some pretty good $25 wireless in-ears for sale these days. If you care about audio quality, though, the BE6i headphones sound more than 5 times better.


Optoma doesn't skimp the accessories. You get two kinds of silicone earbuds in three different sizes and to different sizes of their Comply foam tips for a more isolated listening experience. There's a clip to adjust how tight the cable fit is on the back of your neck,  a micro USB charging cable and a carry case.


There are also a pair of silicone ear wings for holding the headphones in place. If you only want to use the wings when you're working out, they're incredibly easy to put on and take off.


If need to take them out of your ears for a moment, the back sides of the earpieces are magnetic and stay together around your neck. It's an incredibly useful feature and an indication of how well-designed these headphones are.


The headphones are available in both gold and gray.

The BE6i headphones are compatible with both Apple's AAC and Android's aptX streaming protocols, which greatly improves the sound. After I first paired the headphones with an iPhone, they've never failed to reconnect automatically with the phone when I've turned them back on. If you've owned any Bluetooth speakers or headphones, you know how big a deal that can be. They promise (and deliver) eight hours of play on a charge and helpfully beep when the battery is low.

NuForce has also delivered an impressive amount of bass for in-ear monitors, which also makes them perfect for runners or gym rats.

These are the best workout headphones I've ever used. They sound as good as any gym-worthy models that plugged into a phone, but the wireless Bluetooth capabilities make a huge difference when you're on the treadmill or the weight machines. If you work out or run more than a couple of times a week, the BE6i would be a great investment.


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