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Superfeet Believes Their Superexpensive Flip Flops Are Worth It


We all know you can buy flip flops for $3 a pair at discount stores like Old Navy. And we all know those flat, thin pieces made of unknown materials provide zero support and, more often than not, seem to fly off your foot when you're trying to walk across hot asphalt.

Superfeet has long been known for its specialty insoles for running shoes and hiking boots and they've brought that technology to their new OUTSIDE sandals, which retail for $59.95.

Yeah, $60. That's enough to buy a new pair of cheap ones every year for the next 15-20 years. And, yet, wearing these sandals might just persuade you that they're worth it. If you need arch support in your boots or running shoes, you probably need it even more in a pair of sandals.


Here are the features that Superfeet thinks you shouldn't ignore:

1. Deep Heel Cup | Helps position the soft tissue to help naturally absorb impact.

2. Designed with Gender Specific Dimensions | OUTSIDE Women's sandals feature a reduced arch length and narrower heel to better fit a woman's foot, while the Men's sandals and designed on a wider last to accommodate a typical man's foot.

3. Quick-Dry Strap | Quick-dry synthetic leather strap for structure, neoprene for comfort.

4. High-Impact Top | Foot-friendly top layer for long-lasting cushion & comfort.


They've also got no-slip soles that don't leave a mark on your floors. The curved surface cradles your foot and keeps them from slipping off. And they're incredibly well made: these should last many years.

Superfeet is a 100% employee-owned company in Washington state that traces its roots back to 1977 at the Sports Medicine Division of the Northwest Podiatric Laboratory. You've probably seen their insoles on display if you shop at REI and they earn great reviews from customers dealing with plantar fasciitis.

So, can sandals be worth $60? Definitely. If you need the support, it's a great investment.

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