Under the Radar

Sound Off: Should West Point Ban Phones at Graduation?


On Saturday morning, this video was posted to the West Point Facebook page with the following caption:

"Rise & shine with #‎USMA2016! This morning they will finish their 47-month cadet experience! #‎WithHonorWeLead."


One cadet was caught looking at her phone and commenters went wild. Check this video from Fox News Red Eye:


If you want to be broadminded, there are some possible reasons why a cadet might check her phone at that particular moment. Maybe the family is running late for graduation and needs a parking suggestion. Maybe a former significant other is flooding the phone with texts and she was checking to see if there was an actual emergency.

Seriously, it doesn't look good. The person who shot the video might have considered cutting the cadet a break and not including her in the footage. They didn't and here we are. This one seems easy: should phones be banned at graduation?

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