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Military Families Wanted for Reality TV


A new Discovery TV series promises an all-expense-paid, two-week “tropical trip of a lifetime” for military families. Just like those "free vacation" offers, there's a catch: instead of listening to a time-share sales pitch, your "vacation" will be filmed and you'll most certainly be asked to work out some family issues on camera.


Producers Naked Entertainment, who have previously brought you the shows "Naked and Afraid," "Hell's Kitchen" and "So You Think You Can Dance, " are looking for a few good families who have issues and are willing to work them out in a lush tropical setting for America's viewing pleasure.

“Ideally we are looking for families of four with some sort of problem they need to overcome,” says Maddie Henri, a casting researcher for production house Naked Entertainment to Military Times. “Perhaps a stepfather and stepson don’t get on, or a grandfather is attempting to decide between his son and grandson who will carry on the family business.”

Here's what Naked says in the casting call:

“Our aim is to bring out-of-touch families closer together through an exotic survival experience where you’ll need to pull together to survive. This show will see families braving 14 days in a remote location for the ultimate survival adventure in the wilderness. This could be a short, sharp shock for feuding family members and a chance for a fresh start as a stronger family unit.”

OK, then.

The show wants all family members to be over 18, so there's no chance to sacrifice your kids' privacy for a couple of weeks on vacation. If you convince your family can follow the script, the show is taking applications until the end of June. Email the producers at survival@nakedentertainment.tv and include your name, age, location. Also tell them (briefly) why you want to be part of the show and include some recent photos.

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