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Entertaining the Troops With Bob Hope


Time-Life Video has just released a single DVD collection called Bob Hope: Entertaining the Troops. The disk includes two Vietnam-era TV shows: The Bob Hope Christmas Special: Around the World with the USO (filmed in 1969 and originally aired on January 15, 1970) and The Bob Hope Christmas Special: Around the Globe with the USO (filmed in 1970 and originally aired on January 14, 1971). Bob's guests include Neil Armstrong, Johnny Bench, President Lyndon Johnson, Ursula Andress,Connie Stevens, Lola Falana and thousands of U.S. troops.

We've got a video clip with Bob onstage at Long Binh, Vietnam from the 1971 special.


The 1970 special starts at the White House and continues through Germany, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Guam, and on-board the USS Ranger and the USS Sanctuary. Neil Armstrong, recently back from his historic moon walk, answering questions from the service members and Connie Stevens sings the "Wedding Bell Blues" to four service members named Bill.

The 1971 program starts with rehearsals at West Point and stops in England, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Alaska, and at the USS John F. Kennedy in the Mediterranean and the USS Sanctuary in the South China Sea. Bob and Lola Falana do a song and dance, Hope trades zingers with Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench. There are also appearances from Ursula Andress, Gloria Loring and Miss World Jennifer Hosten.

The disk also features a rare, never-before-released Korean War 1951 special called Chesterfield Sound Off Time. Filmed aboard the aricraft carrier USS Boxer, the program features Bob and Connie Moore singing "I Wanna Go Home (With You)," tap dancing from the Nicholas Brothers and an extended sketch where Hope pretends to take command of the ship and sails it on a secret mission.

Retail price on the DVD is $12.95.


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