Under the Radar

90-Year-Old Dutch Woman Seduced & Killed Nazis in WWII


Vice has the incredible story of ninety-year-old Freddie Oversteegen, who joined the Dutch resistance to the Nazi occupation when she was just 14 years old. Along with her older sister Truus and their friend Hannie Schaft, she signed up because Germans would never suspect young girls as freedom fighters.

The girls would flirt with Nazi collaborators and lure them to the woods for a promised makeout session. Once they reached a remote location, the men got a bullet to the head instead of a kiss.

Freddie and Truus are the subject of a new Dutch TV documentary called Two Sisters in the Resistance. Freddie squeezed in an interview with the young Vice reporter before an afternoon game of Scrabble. It's fascinating. Read the whole thing here.

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