'The God's Eye View' - National Security in a Post-Snowden World


Barry Eisler's new novel The God's Eye View is a post-Snowden thriller about corruption in the NSA. Director Theodore Anders has developed a program that tracks every phone call, email and computer keystroke. He's also set up an off-the-books crew that eliminates perceived threats to his plans.

Analyst Evelyn Gallagher becomes one of those threats after she figures out what Anders is up to. The director sends Manus, his deaf operative to keep an eye on her. Manus makes a connection with Evelyn's deaf son and the two of them find themselves in conflict with the dark side of national security.

Eisler himself spent three years as a covert operative for the CIA and he's got a real talent for the physical action and weapons parts of his story. He also does an outstanding job of describing modern security and surveillance technology. Few thriller novelists combine those skills as well as Eisler does here.

Eisler is using the Anders character as a caution: he's concerned about privacy and the rise of a surveillance state and Anders is guilty of exactly the kind of abuses of power that the civil liberties lobby fears. This book is definitely a paranoid thriller for the post-Snowden world.

Eisler now publishes his work via Amazon's Thomas & Mercer imprint. It's available now in hardcover and the ebook is exclusively on Kindle. If you own a Kindle device, you can read the book for free as part of their KindleUnlimited program.



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