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On Repeat: 'Drunk History' Season 3


Comedy Central's Drunk History has completed three seasons and we've got proof that it's central joke never gets old. That third season is out now on a two-DVD set.

The premise: host Derek Waters gets drunk with other comedians, who tell their version of an historical incident after they're hammered. Other actors and comedians then silently act out the drunken and confused tale, mouthing their dialog as it's being related by our tanked narrator.

The new set features all 13 epsiodes with all TV-friendly blurring removed. There are also extended and deleted scenes. You can still get the first two seasons in a 3-DVD set and, if you think the clips embedded below are funny, all the shows are perfect for repeated group viewing.

In these clips from season 3, David Wain tells the story of a woman newscaster who interviewed Hitler before WWII), Lucius Dillon tells the story of  how one of England's greatest children's author used his swordsman skills to spy for his country during WWII and Jenny Slate explains how two scientists discovered the sound of the Big Bang.


Dorothy Fuldheim Reads the News


Roald Dahl Takes One for England


A Sound in Space


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