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Netflix: The Real Deal With Overseas Streaming Rules


Back when news broke about Netflix's decision to block VPN access to the U.S. service, we wrote about the issue but Netflix declined to give us a statement or interview on the subject.

Our friends over at NextGen MilSpouse have managed to come up with an excellent, comprehensive explanation of the situation.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Netflix is serious about blocking VPN access. They have different content deals in different countries and their suppliers don't want them to turn a blind eye anymore.
  2. They eventually want to make all content available in all territories but that day isn't coming soon enough to satisfy kids who want to know why they can't watch Monster High or Power Rangers now that the family's stationed overseas.
  3. If you've got an APO, FPO or DPO address overseas, you can still get full access to Netflix's disc library with a DVD subscription.
  4. Netflix does make an exception if you live on a base overseas. If you don't have access on your base, you can have your commanding officer send a request to Netflix. Full details and instructions are in the blog post.
Get all the details at NextGen MilSpouse.

UTR note: Of course, some countries (the UK, for example) arguably have a better movie and TV selection than American Netflix. And, if you're determined to keep access to your U.S. program selection, there are VPN companies who are coming up with workarounds for the Netflix block. If you're determined to go that route, you'll have to do your own search. Any service that works today might not work tomorrow or next week or next month.

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