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Get 'Weaponized' With Tom Sizemore


Weaponized is out now on Blu-ray and DVD. Tom Sizemore plays Kyle Norris, a military contractor who, after a brutal terrorist attack on the Pentagon, gets the go ahead to develop a bio-mechanical weapons program based on research from Professor Clarence Peterson (Mickey Rourke). The only man who can stop them is Detective Walker (Johnny Messner). We've got a scene from the film where Walker confronts scientist Chris Downey (Chris Damon) in an attempt to stop the bad guys.

Weaponized is the latest from director Timothy Woodward Jr., the man behind a flurry of recent action pictures including Checkmate and 4Got10. Messner now seems to be his leading man of choice but he's working with actors like Sizemore, Vinnie Jones, Dolph Lundgren and Danny Trejo to make the kind of movies that appeal to lovers of '80s quickie action pictures.

No point in getting hung up on the details, but this weapon allows a soldier to temporarily swap consciousness with a target and have terrorists blow themselves up. Of course, the program invites abuse and gets used for nefarious purposes, which brings it to Walker's attention. Mickey Rourke is wearing Band-Aids on his face, but it's never clear whether it's a character thing or if he just has an unhealed dermatology treatment. He also has an amazing tiny dog. There's also a kind of robot version of the weapon that pops up for the final showdown.

This is the kind of 3am cable movie that features more action and conviction than careful plot sense and, if that sounds more like recommendation than criticism (and it is), Weaponized is a blast.

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