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'Mr. Robot' - Hacking in a Post-Snowden World


Mr. Robot turned out to be one of those TV series that looked like it might be interesting when it starting airing last number and turned into a full-fledged phenomenon by the time the first season wrapped up. In a major upset this weekend, the series took home the Golden Globe award for Best TV Drama. The series is now available for purchase in Digital HD and makes its debut on Blu-ray (with UltraViolet Digital Copies) and DVD this week.

The series stars Rami Malek as Elliott, a cybersecurity engineer who pursues life as a vigilante hacker at night. He's recruited to an underground group that wants to take down his employer by a shadowy figure played by Christian Slater. Malek, who was excellent as Snafu in HBO's The Pacific, gives a riveting performance as a hacker who rages at a world that can never meet his own ethical standards.


Movies and TV shows have traditionally done an incredibly bad job of representing computer user interfaces. There's even an amazing Tumblr blog that collects some of the worst on-screen images: Fake UI. In this exclusive clip, series creator Sam Esmail talks about his efforts to portray hacking in realistic way.


USA Network shows don't usually turn up on Netflix or Amazon Prime for a long time (if at all) after they air. This is one show that's worth checking out before the next season rolls around next summer.


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