Under the Radar

Ronda Rousey Keeps Her Marine Corps Ball Promise


After her brutal and surprising defeat by Holly Holm a few weeks back, not many people expected UFC fighter Ronda Rousey to keep her Marine Corps ball date with Lance Cpl. Jarrod Haschert.

Rousey showed up Friday in Myrtle Beach, SC for what amounted to her first public appearance since that November 14th bout at UFC 193 and she was in great spirits.



The fighter talked to TMZ at LAX before she boarded her flight to South Carolina. "... To get out of the house is probably a good thing. I promised I would go. It's an honor to be asked."

And, because TMZ is always at the airport, they got her to talk about Jarrod when she got back to LA: "He was a real gentleman and a real sweetheart." She also explained that she didn't dance at the ball because "I don't dance in public."

Good job, Lance Cpl. Haschert. When Rousey returns to the ring to kick some ass, you and the Marine Corps can take credit for getting her back on the quest to dominate her sport.


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