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KRADL Air: A Simple and Sturdy Stand for MacBook Air


Docking a laptop with a desktop monitor or keyboard can be a giant pain. So can figuring out where to keep your computer while charging. The KRADL Air stand can solve either problem in an elegant and secure way if you've got a MacBook Air.


Yes, it's just an aluminum and silicone stand. But it fits all 11" and 13" MacBook Air computers made in 2010 0r later. It costs $29.99 with free economy shipping and you can order it here.


I wouldn't have imagined that I wanted or needed anything like this, but a few weeks of using it has made me a huge fan. The KRADL Air has a tiny footprint on my desk and it securely holds both sizes of MacBook Air. The stand itself is machined from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum.


The stand has a rubber bottom that keeps it from sliding around and it's designed to match the design of your laptop. Yeah, it's a simple stand and you could make your own out of scrap wood but this looks great and most "designed for Apple" products are looking to charge something like $50 or $60 of something that matches your computer. This is really simple but really great.


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