MEE M7P: Getting Value in Your Workout Audio


I've given up on the idea that investing in workout headphones is a good idea. I'm not particularly rough on anything I've used, but sweat and getting crammed in a bag seems to take a huge toll. A $150 investment in a pair that's going to last a year seems like a bad idea. If headphones are going to break, what's a good price point? The MEE Audio M7P Secure-Fit Sports Earphones get the job done and list for $39.99.

They're much higher quality than the $15 pairs on offer at the discount store, they stay in your ears and sound good for the price.


They come in four colors (gray, red, blue, green) and stay in place by looping over the back of your ears. A small weighted bit on the cable keeps them in place. There's a remote on the cable where the two ear cables meet. It includes a microphone and allows you to answer calls, skip tracks and control the volume without touching your phone.



There's four sizes of silicon tips to fit your ears and a carrying case that keeps the earphones from getting tangled but doesn't provide a lot of crush protection. The headphones come with a 1-year warranty and they offer user-replaceable cables so you may get some extended life for your investment.

I usually prioritize audio quality over everything else and these don't sound as good as some more expensive earphones I've used. Of course, all of those have broken. The M7p sound great from the price and offer hope that you can repair or refresh them if they die on you. Definitely worth a look for anyone unhappy with their last workout audio purchase.

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