Under the Radar

Making Things Right for LA's Homeless Veterans


Today, Veteran’s Day, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced an initiative asking the nation to join together and cover the final move-in costs for 500 homeless veterans. This funding, in partnership with Home For Good/United Way and various nonprofits, will assist veterans who have federal rental subsidies and a place to live but need some cash to cover their final move in expenses. Donations will help provide a home to a significant backlog of veterans currently living on the streets.  

With donations of $11 and up, all funds will be used to directly pay for security deposits, credit checks and even basic furniture that will convert a house into a true home for these veterans and their families. The campaign will run through 12/31/2015. You can help give these vets the keys to a new life.

Make a donation here: www.Mayorsfundla.org/HomesforHeroes

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