Under the Radar

It's Time to Seize Glory With Call of Duty


Call of Duty: Black Ops III goes live this Friday, November 6th and game publisher Activision went live with its annual live-action commercial during Sunday's NFL broadcasts. Check out the commercial below, which features actor Michael B. Jordan (from the upcoming Creed movie/Rocky sequel), Seattle Seahawks running back and noted gamer Marshawn Lynch (a/k/a "the guy who would've won the Super Bowl if they'd handed him the ball) and moody model/actress Cara Delevingne (ask your kids).


Activision is already spending the money they plan to collect from everyone this weekend: they just announced that they've paid $5.9 billion dollars to acquire King Digital Entertainment, makers of every real gamer's least favorite Facebook scourge: Candy Crush. If you want to offer up protest, maybe you'll hold out and boycott CoD this year.

Who are we kidding? Of course the real issue to be decided this year is Activision's decision to only offer the full gaming experience for Xbox One and PS4 players. They claim that the Xbox 360 and PS3 no longer have the processing power to keep up with the latest developments in the game. Will this be the moment when gamers decide to upgrade their consoles or the beginning of a generation's drift away from video games. If you're a PS3 or Xbox 360 owner, let us know if Call of Duty will inspire you to upgrade your console this year.

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