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It's a Long Story - 'Love the Coopers'


Love the Coopers is one of those sprawling films where everyone comes home for the holidays, confronts some family drama and grows closer when they rediscover the spirit of the season. It opens in theaters this weekend for what's designed to be a long run through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Diane Keaton and John Goodman star as the parents, Ed Helms is their son going through a divorce and Olivia Wilde is their free-spirited daughter. She's the character of interest here because Wilde's character Eleanor hangs out in an airport bar and meets Joe, a soldier played by the excellent Jake Lacy. Eleanor convinces Joe to come home with her and pretend to be her boyfriend. If you can't figure what happens next, then maybe you should avoid going to the movies altogether.

We've got a clip from the movie, just moments after the two have left the airport bar:


And here's a trailer for the movie:


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