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Sound Off: Are Blue Star Flags Sacred?



Donna Morey of Hatfield, PA has run into trouble with her homeowners association for displaying a Blue Star flag in her window to honor her son, Army Major Donald Morey. Her neighborhood in suburban Philadelphia has made a rule that only white or off-white window treatments may be visible from outside the house, which means the blue star and red borders are against regulations.

Ms. Morey is aghast and told station Fox 29, "I want to display that for all who served, not only my son, but all who served."

That's a sentiment everyone can agree with, but she chose to buy a house in one of those neighborhoods that regulates what your yard can look like, how big your mailbox can be and what kind of vehicles you can park in your driveway.

The neighborhood association may be willing to work with her. They've asked Morey to apply for a temporary exemption, but she's insulted that she even has to ask. “I don’t know if you call it an exemption. I just need special permission from the architectural committee to be able to display it. I think that’s ridiculous. I’m not doing it. I said I’m not writing the letter.”



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