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Pronto 5: A Backup Battery with Ultra-Fast Charging



The Power Practical Pronto 5 backup battery makes one big promise and it delivers on it in a big way: the 4500 mAh battery recharges in one hour when most batteries of a similar size take 5-6 hours to reload. It's available for $79 from Brookstone.


To get that fast charge, it comes with its own power brick. You can also charge the battery via the micro USB port but you won't get the speedy recharge that distinguishes the Pronto. There's a also an elastic strap that holds in place the cover for the USB connector/charging ports. Some of you are likely to lose a piece like that, so keep that in mind.



There are two lighted dials on the front of the battery. One shows how quickly the battery is recharging when recharging with the battery pack and the other shows the battery level. It comes in an anodized aluminum case that has withstood a lot of abuse over the last few weeks I've been using it.

The Pronto 5 also promise a speedy charge for your phone. It recharges an iPhone 6 in about 20 minutes. Power Practical promises "2-3" full charges for a phone on a single one-hour battery recharge, but I've consistently gotten around 1 3/4 iPhone charges off a single battery charge and about 80% of an iPad charge. It does have 3A USB output, so it can charge a tablet but the capacity isn't really big enough to make it your iPad solution.

What's great about the battery is the fast charging. If you're willing to carry around the small power brick, you can refuel quickly when there's a power outlet in a diner or a coffee shop and get almost 2 full phone charges in a hurry. If speed's that important to you, take a look at the Pronto 5.

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