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The Pocket Shot: Built for Speed



The Pocket Shot is an improved and commercially-manufactured version of those homemade slingshots at least some of us used to make with latex gloves and bottle caps. It's a simple design: a rubber sleeve is held in place in a plastic screw camp that's curved on the side for an easy grip. The Pocket Shot promises to shoot ammo at up to 350 feet per second.


The basic model costs $25 and it provides a lot more firepower than anything you're going to find at that price. It's definitely not a toy but it's also not going to give serious hunters the kind of accuracy they demand. It's awesome for backyard target practice, though. Check out the video below:


You can use your own pellets or buy more from the company's website. Replacement sleeves are reasonably priced (best deal: 8 regular for $20/8 blue pro sleeves for $25). The Pocket shot is also available with a $25 Whisker Biscuit adapter caps that allows you to shoot arrows.


You definitely don't want to let a group of middle school kids use this unsupervised, but the Pocket Shot is a blast for backyard target practice (if your neighbors don't live too close by) or for hunting/scaring off wild varmints who are getting into your garden.


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