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Tom Cruise: What a Drag It Is Getting Old



Tom Cruise plays super spy Ethan Hunt for a fifth time in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, due in theaters July 31st. Maverick is now 53 years old and he's looking for ways to stay relevant with the kids for as long as possible before getting shipped off to the Sly Stallone/Arnold Schwarzenegger Old Guy category.

For the new movie, Tom decided to do his own stunt work when the script called for Ethan Hunt to grab onto an open airplane door and hang on as the plane took off. No stunt man, no CGI: it's all Tom flying through the air and the behind-the-scenes video below claims they did eight takes.


Is flying strapped to the side of an airplane any more dangerous than parachuting out of a plane? Maybe not, but most middle-aged guys with a little kid might hesitate before taking the risk. Cruise has been making Mission Impossible movies for almost 20 years now and he's looking for a big theatrical success before he makes the upcoming Top Gun sequel.

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