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Review: Cambridge Audio G2 Bluetooth Speaker


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The Cambridge Audio G2 advertises itself as a mini portable bluetooth speaker. While it may be just a bit large to be called mini, it represents a real effort from the manufacturer to create a smaller, more portable and sturdier speaker without sacrificing too much in the audio quality department.


The G2 is definitely the smallest speaker that Cambridge Audio has designed, measuring 7.4" wide x 2.2" deep x 2.6" tall and weighing under a pound.


The speaker devlivered 8-10 hours on a charge (depending on how loud the music was playing) and it offers a USB port on the back so you can charge a phone while using it. There's a dedicated A/B switch on the back panel that allows two devices to be paired simultaneously and it's incredibly easy to switch back and forth between two sources. That's a rare feature and a welcome option.


If you're an Android user, the G2 offers easy NFC pairing.  There's an auxiliary input and a phone button that allows you to use the device a speakerphone. It's available in red, gold, blue, titanium and black. While it lists for $149, you can easily find it online for just under $100.

The G2 sits at a slightly awkward place in the Bluetooth spectrum. It definitely doesn't offer the amazing sound quality of the larger Cambridge Audio GO, but that speaker is really a bit too large to be portable and the grill is too fragile to get stuffed into a suitcase or bag on a regular basis. But the company also doesn't really compromise on audio and it's quite a bit larger than the similarly priced Soundfreaq Pocket Kick. Still, it's well-made and solid and, if you regularly need to a speakerphone for conference calls when you're on the road, the G2 offers an excellent option.

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