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Sound Off: 'The Most Decorated Veteran in American History'?


What would you do for backstage passes at a Rolling Stones concert? For Navy veteran and former SEAL Robert O'Neill, that experience is worth letting Kid Rock bring you out onstage in Ohio and introducing you as "the most decorated veteran in American history." You might remember O'Neill as the guy who told the world that he took the kill shot on Osama bin Laden and he's used his newfound celebrity to make friends with the rap/rock superstart

Don't believe Rob would let that happen? Check out the video below:


Make no mistake: O'Neill is a highly decorated veteran, with two silver stars, four bronze stars with valor, a joint service commendation medal with valor, three presidential unit citations and a Navy commendation medal with valor. But all of that impressive hardware doesn't make him "most decorated," not even close. Most folks credit General Douglas MacArthur, who counted a Medal of Honor among his more than 100 military citations.

What do you think? Should O'Neill get a break? Maybe he didn't hear exactly what Kid Rock was saying because of that warbly saxophone rendition of the National Anthem? Should he have corrected the singer's mistake? Or should he not be parading around rock and roll stages at all to begin with. Sound off below!

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