'Max' - Military Dogs Get Their Hollywood Moment



Max tells the story of a military service dog who returns stateside after his handler is killed in combat. It's a PG-rated action thriller, the kind of family-friendly movie our commenters (repeatedly) say that want Hollywood to make.

Directed by Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans) and scripted by former Marine Sheldon Lettich (best known for Jean-Claude van Damme movies like Bloodsport and Double Impact), Max spends its first half showing the bonding between the dog and Justin, the younger brother of the dog's military handler Kyle. Then it morphs into a crime thriller, as one of Kyle's military buddies shows up and starts running arms to Mexican gangs. Max gets his mojo back and helps Justin save the day.

The role of Max is shared by six Belgian Malinois: Carlos in closeups, and Jagger, Pax, Dude, Pilot and Chaos in various action modes. We've got a clip with Boaz Yakin, the cast and crew talking about the role of dogs in the military:


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