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Coach Jake Zweig Compares Football to his SEAL Service


You might remember former Navy SEAL Jake Zweig from his 2011 stint on the History Channel program Top Shot. Jake's focused his post-Navy career on football and has just taken a new position as a defensive line coach for Ohio's University of Findlay football team.

Zweig earned the rank of lieutenant during his military service and was assigned to Seal Team 8 after being named class leader during his BUD/S training.

Coach Zweig has said his long-term goal is to win a National Championship as the head coach at a Division 1 school and he's worked his way up through ranks with positions with a few schools you may not have heard of:

Scout.com has a great interview with Zweig in which he talks about what SEAL service and football have in common.

Both are obviously very team oriented and team driven environment. The primary difference between my duties as a former SEAL platoon officer or football coach is the repercussions.

Both are high stress and high stake environments where young men must learn to work seamlessly as a unit to achieve a goal.

Like the commanding officer of a SEAL Team, a head football coach is the leader. He sets the vision, manages his leaders and drives the troops. They are charged with being not only good leaders, but also good stewards amongst colleagues, players, staff within the athletic department and faculty within the university.

As a former Navy SEAL, I had to learn how to compartmentalize and manage stress. As young operators, we had to overcome extreme obstacles in order to succeed – failure was never an option.

Read Jake's entire interview here and check out the University of Findlay Oilers 2015 schedule here.

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