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Buckshot Pro: A Bluetooth Speaker for Cyclists


Outdoor Tech has Buckshot Pro, a combo Bluetooth speaker, flashlight and powerbank ($79.95) and the Kodiak Mini, a 2600mAh rechargeable battery ($24.95). Both feature the same rugged build quality and outstanding battery life that the company's known for.


The Buckshot Pro is a cylinder that's just over 4" long with a 1 3/4" diameter, weighing just a few ounces. It comes with a micro USB charging cable, a USB flashlight and rubber strap for attaching the Buckshot to a bike's handlebars or a backpack's shoulder strap.

If you're using this with a bike, aim the speaker towards you and attach the flashlight on the threaded side of the device. There are buttons on the Buckshot Pro to control volume and play/pause your music. It also works as a speakerphone and introduces Siri functionality if you're using an iPhone.  Outdoor Tech devices pair easily and stay paired and feature a voice prompt to let you know when power is on or when your device is paired.


It promise IPX5 water resistance and comes in black, gray, red, orange, "glow" green and army green.  The device has a separate volume control than the one on your device and gives a helpful beep when you've maxed out the device volume level. The Buckshot Pro gets remarkably loud without distorting. It's not a casual purchase at $80 and audiophiles won't be blown away but you're paying for a device that's impressive for its attention to detail and a purpose-drive design for outdoor use.


The one potential downside might be the strap. If you're using the strap a lot, it seems like it might not have the same lifespan as the Buckshot Pro. Outdoor Tech does offer a 4-pack of replacement straps for $14.95. If you buy this speaker and like it, getting a backup set of straps seems like a good investment.


The Kodiak Mini is the latest in Outdoor Tech's Kodiak backup battery line. It's 3.75" long and 1" diameter backup battery, about the size of a roll of quarters. It wieghs just 2.4 ounces and delivers 1.0 amp output, so it's designed for use with your phone not your tablet.


The big attraction is that it comes in a camo pattern. Other colors include black, blue, red and "glow" green. It comes with a micro USB charging cable and a pair of Outdoor Tech stickers. Build quality is excellent but the strap that connects the cap probably isn't as sturdy as the flaps on the larger devices.

Outdoor Tech products seem to be designed by active people who actually use their own products. If you're a cyclist who wants a speaker or speakerphone while you're riding, the Buckshot Pro is a great purchase and the attention to details makes it worth the cost.

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