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Xqisit's Bluetooth LZ380 Headphones & xqB20 Speaker



Xqisit is a German company that makes a full range of accessories for your portable electronic devices (cases, batteries, speakers, headphones). They're trying to get a foothold in an incredibly crowded American market and they're starting by introducing the LZ380 wireless Bluetooth headphones and the xqB20 portable Bluetooth speaker.


The LZ380 headphones are available here in black, silver or gold. They claim 10 hours battery life after a two-hour charge and, based on my testing, deliver as promised. There's an audio cable to use with non-Bluetooth devices or when your batteries run out.


They fold up nicely and come with a zip-up case that's more protective than a bag but not exactly hard-sided, either. There's a micro-to-USB charging cable and a cleaning cloth to wipe fingerprints off the matte finish.

They pair easily using Bluetooth 2.1 (no aptX here) and they're both sturdy and comfortable. The power switch over the right earpiece does double duty as a pause/play button and you can skip or reverse tracks by swiping forward and back on the right earpiece and control volume by swiping up and down.

The real attraction here is the $70 price they're selling for on Amazon. They'd sound good at that price if they required a cable and you're looking at twice the price to find another pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones that sound this good.



The xqB20 comes with a permanently attached braided cable that looks like a tail. Xqisit promotes the idea that you by two or more of these and daisy chain them together for a really big sound. The speaker uses Bluetooth 3.0, pairs easily and does a good job of remembering the devices you've connected.


The cable locks back into place to make a carrying loop. This speaker is really loud for its size and a rubber ring on the bottom keeps it from bouncing around when you crank the volume. I barely got 3 1/2 hours on a two-hour charge, a limitation that makes this a hard one to recommend. The xqB20 is selling for about $35 on Amazon.

The LZ380 headphones are definitely worth a look if you're looking to go wireless. They fit securely and comfortably for everyday activities, even if they're not designed for gym use. At the current price, it's a great deal.

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