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Sound Off: Will the Troops Invade Texas?

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As reported here at Military.com, Chuck Norris, the beloved and legendary veteran,  has some serious concerns about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 training exercises in Texas and wonders aloud in a WND commentary if the operations just might be a cover for a U.S. military invasion of Texas.

Even though Chuck presumably participated in training exercises himself during his service, he finds the fact that Texas is "hostile territory" on the maps for the pretend war games to be a matter of some concern. He also attempts to deflect any charges that he's attacking the military by saying that, whatever they might be up to, they're "merely following orders." He quotes an "affable" Texas antiques store owner who says, "I think there’s something a little more involved than what they’re telling us."

So, here's the question: should the Pentagon, charged with defending the life and liberty of United States citizens, conduct training exercises within the country's borders if those exercises make some citizens nervous? Do the men and women currently serving believe they're pawns in a conspiracy to strip Americans of their rights?  Is Chuck right on or is he contributing to a situation where paranoid Texans might feel compelled to "fight back" against troops who are just trying to get through their exercises without getting yelled at?

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