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Sound Off: Should the Military Pay for Tributes at Sporting Events?


Whenever Americans go to an NFL game and see a Tribute to the Troops, everyone gets to feel good. Service members and their families get the glow that comes from recognition and appreciation from American culture at large and civilians get to stand up, take off their hats, put their hands awkwardly over their hearts and feel like the did something to support our men and women in uniform.

However, word leaked out this week that the Department of Defense is paying the NFL to stage these tributes, over $6 million since 2011 to 16 different NFL teams. You can see a full list of teams and dollar amounts embedded at the bottom of this news story at NJ.com.

On a different front, a Washington Post column wonders if military tributes at baseball games are just empty gestures that should be abandoned.

OK,  this is a live one: How do you feel about military tributes at sporting events? Should NFL teams profit from those tributes? Does it make you feel different if that moment was bought and paid for?

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