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An Army Vet Faces a Decision on 'The Briefcase'


The Briefcase

Army veteran Dave Bronson and his wife Cara are featured on the new CBS reality show The Briefcase, premiering on Wednesday May 28 at 8pm ET/PT. Dave was injured in Iraq when an IED destroyed his Humvee and now he uses a prosthetic leg. The couple lives in Manchester, NH and, when the program was filmed, were building a new home using VA grants and expecting their second child.

The show's premise is pretty tough: families who are dealing with financial issues are given a briefcase containing $101,000 and they're given 72 hours to decide what to do with the money. They can keep all of it for themselves or give some or all of the cash to another family in need. Everything gets filmed and America gets to watch.

We've got a clip from the show that introduces Dave and Cara's situation.


And here's the series promo clip from the network:


Obviously, the producers hope your family sits around and debates what you'd do in this situation, preferably after the show's over and not during the commercials. What did Dave and Cara do with the briefcase full of cash? You'll have to tune in to find out. (If you miss the airing, the show will be available On Demand from your cable/satellite provider or streaming from the CBS website at some point in the next few days.)


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