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Revisit the Vietnam Era With Dick Cavett

Dick Cavetts Vietnam copy

Dick Cavett's Vietnam premieres this week on PBS. The one-hour documentary features moments from his successful late-night talk show where visiting politicians and celebrities discuss the conflict in Southeast Asia.

What's bound to shock anyone who grew up during our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is how much Vietnam was part of the national discussion: everyone had a opinion, many of those opinions were thoughtful, mostly because civilians were educated about the conflict and, because of the draft, almost everyone knew someone whose family was serving in the war.  Another shocking fact: people who really disagree with one another still manage to respect each other. The idea that you might not want to demonize people who disagree with you seems totally alien today.

Check out the promo trailer below or find out when it's showing where you live by clicking here by entering you local station information on the right side of the page.





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