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QuickLock: Easy & Controlled Access


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The QuickLock is a new keyless padlock that can be opened via Bluetooth or NFC. The device was created by engineer Ryan Hyde, who also introduced the GunBox, a sleek gun safe with an RF-controlled lock and optional Biometric scanner. The new padlock brings a lot of the access control features from his earlier product to a device that can be used anywhere you'd install a regular lock. 


You can pair the lock via Bluetooth with an iOS or Android app. Open the app on your device, press the button on the padlock and the open screen comes up with an unlock button. You can also set the Auto unlock for slightly faster opening.


The Quicklock can also be programmed to work with up to 50 different NFC keys. An NFC card is included with the lock but you can also purchase rings or key fobs from QuickLock. Pretty much anything (as long as it's not a smartphone) with an NFC chip can be paired, so if you're already carrying around an NFC chip, you won't need a new one for this product.


The battery is designed to last up to two years. QuickLock says the lights will flash to let you know when it's time to recharge. If the battery does get to zero, you'll have to bring along a portable USB battery to give it enough juice to open so you can take it for a proper recharge. Of course, you'll also need a backup padlock when it's charging time.

So why pay $50 for a padlock? QuickLock promises software updates that will allow you to track when the lock is opened and who opened it. If you're a business owner looking to manage inventory or just a homeowner trying to figure out who didn't straighten up the toolshed, that's a compelling feature and a much cheaper option than an expensive security system upgrade.

As it stands now, the prototype I tested is sturdy and works exactly as described. The QuickLock is the only wireless lock on the market with both NFC and Bluetooth capabilities.

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You can buy a QuickLock for $49.95 via their website or get a pair for $94.95. There's a Cable Caddy available to lock up your bikes or scooter and various NFC keys available in several different packages. QuickLock is launching a keyless door lock system that incorporates the same technology with shipping expected sometime next month.

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