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Hard-Won Wisdom from a Navy SEAL


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Eric Greitens served as a Navy SEAL. He's considering a run to become Governor of Missouri. He's also a motivational speaker with a new book called Resilience.

In 2o12, Greitens was contacted by Zach Walker, a brother SEAL who'd been struggling with PTSD and a drinking problem after leaving the Navy. Eric and Zach started communicating every day and Eric has compiled his letters to Zach in this new book.

Subtitled Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life, Greitens' book talks about working through pain, finding a purpose and developing happiness in your life. Resilience is available as a hardcover book and read by the author on CD. It's also available for download from Kindle, iBooks and Audible.

We've got a video clip where Eric talks about how to deal with difficult situations and two long excerpts from the audiobook below.




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