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'Dad, It's Just ISIS'

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Someone in the Saturday Night Live writer's room must have been reading our "10 Best Military Sketches on 'Saturday Night Live'" post because the show returned last night with its first new episode since the 40th Anniversary Special and the program featured a prominent military-themed parody of the Toyota "My Bold Dad" Super Bowl commercial, the one where a father drops his daughter at the airport as she appears to head off to start her military service.

Except, well, the daughter (played by guest host Dakota Johnson) is joining ISIS and Dad (played by Taran Killam) sheds a tear has he hands his daughter over to a group of armed Jihadists in a pickup truck. It's not a car commercial, it's a recruitment video! Watch the sketch below:


The online media is all about describing the Twitter #OUTRAGE over the sketch, which seems more a parody of a car company's attempt to use father/daughter relationships and American patriotism to sell its Japanese automotive hardware than an attack on #AMERICA, since we don't actually have an issue here in the USA with our sons and daughters running off to join the Islamic State. If you're reading this in France, it's possible the joke hits a little too close to home.

Offensive? Hilarious? Both? Neither? Comments are open below.

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