Under the Radar

Defense TV, Now in Your Living Room



Defense TV is a United States military-themed online channel created by DVIDS, the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System, operated by U.S. Army Central. All of the content is created and hosted by U.S. active duty personnel, so you're getting the military's official take on the topics and events they cover.


The big news is that Defense TV now has its own Roku channel, making it easy to access its content from a home TV. The service has always worked well on just about any mobile browser and its new Google Chromecast integration makes it easy to get videos onto your TV from any Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer.

The channel features live streams of press conferences and award ceremonies for viewers who want to see events unfiltered as well as news packages prepared by the military. You can filter stories by branch and DVIDS has continued to produce new episodes of the always-interesting In the Fight monthly series that interviews service members deployed around the globe.

You can get programming updates by following Defense TV on Facebook or Twitter.

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