Under the Radar

Poking the North Korean Bear


Seth Rogen;James Franco

James Franco and Seth Rogen's upcoming movie The Interview may have inspired a North Korean cyber-attack on the Sony Pictures computer network, which really shouldn't surprise anyone since the movie is about a U.S. government plot to use a Ryan Seacrest-like TV host to assassinate Kim Jong-Un during an interview.


The two actor are just gearing up their promotion for the film and they started with a visit to the YouTube Space LA studios where they got up to some nonsense with popular YouTube shows Epic Meal Time and The Fine Bros.


On Epic Meal Time, the Sauce Boss quits and Franco and Rogen take over the show to prepare Korean BBQ Lasagna.


The Fine Bros. made an FREAKS AND GEEKS INTERACTIVE GAME. Since both actors got their big breaks on the 1999 TV series, what happens when they play the game for the first time.

If the movie is as funny as these guys are off the cuff, they're in for a good Christmas opening.



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