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Magnetic KNIFEdock: Better Storage, Fewer Germs


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If you've never cleaned that knife block in your kitchen, take comfort that you don't really know how many germs are camped out way down in those slots. Almost no one really dries the blades as thoroughly as they should and those blocks are usually just a dank mess.

BASE4 has introduced the Magnetic KNIFEdock, a countertop replacement that's really just a magnetized slab of wood with a stand that gives you easy access to knives and probably a billion fewer germs.


The kickstand folds up easily if you decide you want to stash the whole thing in a drawer when you have guests. The magnets are just strong enough to hold your knives in place but not so strong that it's hard to pull the blade off the dock.

If you're looking for last-minute gifts, you can order one for less than $30 online. If you've got space on your wall and not on your countertop. Base4 also makes the Magnetic KNIFEstrip.

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