Forget the Boat, I'm on a LAV!



A Canadian Army LAV3 crew had a little time on its hands and decided to turn the clock back to 2009, when T-Pain was a big star and Andy Samberg was still on Saturday Night Live. Samberg's Lonely Island comedy crew recruited T-Pain for "I'm on a Boat" and had a big hit.

You may have forgotten "I'm on a Boat," but these guys have been thinking about it for five years and they've busted out with "I'm on a LAV," a parody video filmed at Canadian Forces Base Wainwright.


"LAV" is Canadian for tank, which is a bit confusing if you remember that Canadians are technically still part of the UK and "lav" is also British slang for toilet. Tanks can be disgusting places (cf. Fury) but "I have to go to the lav" seems like it might cause some confusion for our neighbors to the north.

Still, this video is funny. Canadians are accused of being boring, but they've somehow managed to produce an impressive crop of funny people, including Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, Leslie Nielsen, Jim Carrey, John Candy, Phil Hartman and Seth Rogen, the guy who provoked the North Korean attack on Sony.

America, it's your move.

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