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10 More Weak Excuses for Not Joining the Military


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Two weeks ago we featured ten weak excuses for not joining the military heard by soldiers on Reddit, and our Under the Radar audience replied with their own. The range of excuses civilians come up with for not joining seems to be endless. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with never serving; there are plenty of valid reasons for staying out of the military. But sometimes it’s better to be honest about your reasons instead of supplying a flimsy excuse.

Here are ten more weak excuses for not joining the military heard by our very own Under the Radar readers:


“I wanted to be a Ranger sniper, but I got this cool welding job.”

-Heard by OEFIV


“I would have joined, but they were going to make me an officer, so I said no.”

-Heard by LloydH1


“I do not want to give up my career at McDonald’s.”

-Heard by Bill


“Well, someone has to stay home and take care of the women.”

-Heard by USMCVeteran


“I almost joined, but I don’t like to run a lot.”

-Head by Mikey


“I was going to join, but I went to college instead. Figured I wouldn’t waste my time.”

-Heard by John


“My dad was an asshole. I didn’t want to join and turn into an asshole like he did.”

-Heard by Jim


“Me and my buddy were going to enlist in the Marines but his dad wouldn’t let him so I didn’t enlist.”

-Heard by edward


“I didn’t join the military because they don’t allow you to think for yourself.”

-Heard by Lance G.


“I wanted to join the military but they wouldn’t let me because I had the crabs.”

-Heard by Dave J.

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