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'Unbroken' Director Takes an Acting Gig in 'Maleficent'


Maleficent-(2014)-59 copy

Unbroken director Angelina Jolie has this other gig as an actor that's she's sort of ignored the last few years, but she made a big time return to the screen this past winter with Maleficent (out now on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo pack).


Here's the surprise for action picture fans: it's pretty dark, kind of violent (with excellent battles scenes that hook your near the beginning of the movie) and Jolie's character is way more complex than you'd expect from a Disney movie. Is she the villain or the heroine or both?


Maleficent is the fairy who puts the curse on Snow White. This version of the tale gives the reason behind the curse and there's a pretty big twist at the end when Aurora wakes up from true love's kiss. The seven dwarves are MIA and whatever comic relief you get comes from the incompetent female fairies who are charged with protecting Aurora from the inevitable prick of the finger that will put her to sleep.

The best part is that those fairies are incompetent because they're incompetent, not because they're girls. There's a reason that young girls like this movie so  much and the good news for their dads and brothers is that Maleficent will be much easier to watch for the 53rd time than Frozen was (even if that 53rd viewing was months ago in your house).


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