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Review: Kinivo Bluetooth Speakers



Kinivo aims to make reasonably-priced alternatives to more expensive wireless audio products. The pocket-sized Kinivo BTX270 Wireless Speaker and the Kinivo BTX450 desktop speaker continue their string of well-reviewed audio devices:  their bluetooth headphones are a steal at $25 and these two offer their own solid level of value.


Kinivo BTX270 Wireless Speaker measures just 6 x 2 x 2.5 inches and comes with a micro USB charging cable and an audio cable for plugging in non-Bluetooth devices. It sells for $59.99 and comes with a lot of features that you normally don't get until you've spend $100 or more. There's a speakerphone feature that allows for handsfree calling and the BTX270 supports the apt-X high-quality streaming protocol that's built into most modern Android devices. There's a sliding on-off switch and audio tones to let you know when you've turned the device on and off or made a Bluetooth connection.  The sound quality is more than solid for this price but it's not going to fill a room. The BTX270 promises 8 hours of play from a single charge and lives up to that number.


The much larger Kinivo BTX450 measures 12 x 3 x 4 inches, which makes it more of a desktop speaker than a portable model. It's promises 6 hours on a single charge, but you're more likely to leave it plugged in to the wall in one location. The big news here is that Kinivo is selling this one for $49.99. It sounds a lot better at higher volume than the BTX270, even if it lacks the apt-X technology or speakerphone capabilities.

It puts out a lot of power for its size, featuring 2 5W drivers and a passive subwoofer.There's a nice piano black finish to the case and it holds a connection really well. It's an excellent deal at this price. You're going to spend about $100 more to find another speaker with these capabilities. This one actually took a few hours to break itself in, but its sound really came to life over time. This is a really great choice for a budget speaker option.


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