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'Ready to Serve' on Disney Jr.'s 'Doc McStuffins'



Anyone with really young kids and a cable package knows about Disney Junior, the channel aimed at preschoolers. Doc McStuffins is a show about a little girl who fixes broken toys in her backyard with the help of her friends Lambie, Stuffy, Hallie, Chilly and Bronty. None of this is likely to make sense to anyone who's never had kids, but ask a three-year-old: they can give you the full rundown on the premise and the plots and  the power dynamics between all the characters.

For Veterans Day, Doc McStuffins will premiere an episode aimed at kids who have a parent in the armed forces who has or might deploy a long way from home. Army Al is called to duty for a trip into the woods with Donny's scouting troops and the other characters must adjust to his departure.

In this clip from the episode, the crew sings a song to Al about the importance of his mission. The episode premieres on Veterans Day at 9:30am ET/PT and it should be available via the Watch Disney Jr. app if your device of choice supports it and you've got the right cable or satellite subscription.


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