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Dark Military Humor in 'Hercules'


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Dwayne Johnson tries to revive the "sword and sandal" with Hercules (out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital). Director Brett Ratner doesn't get bogged down in detailing the twelve labors and dispenses with several of them as quick flashbacks. That sort of begs a question: does anyone study Greek or Roman mythology in school anymore? Does anyone under the age of 50 even know what the twelve labors are?

The movie suggests that the whole "son of Zeus" thing might just be PR for his mercenary business. Hercules agrees to help King Cotys defend Thrace from incursion by the warlord Rheseus but later decides that Cotys is the bad guy and brings down the kingdom. 

Hercules and his band train Thrace's incompetent army for battle and there's a lot of old-school military humor and hand-to-hand combat. We've got an exclusive clip where the filmmakers explain how they incorporated military gallows humor into the script.


The clip comes from the exclusive Best Buy edition of the movie, which has an exclusive bonus disk with  an additional hour of content. There's also an exclusive steelbook edition at Walmart and the Target edition comes with a 48-page "Art of Hercules" book.


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