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'Company of Heroes' Adds the Battle of the Bulge


CompanyOfHeroes2ArdennesAssault copy

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault

Finally, fans of Company of Heroes 2 can depict one of the most famous engagements in World War II: the Battle of the Bulge. The latest expansion, “Ardennes Assault” adds new content to single and multiplayer. Players will be able to watch the Battle of the Bulge take place through the perspective of three unique officers as they vie for the crucial region of Ardennes.

“Ardennes Assault” includes Monte Durante, Captain of Fox Company. This fourth company features special abilities like M83 Cluster Bombs, Pinpoint Accurate Artillery, and elite Fox Company Rangers. Each company featured in “Ardennes Assault” has their own unique units, upgradeable abilities, specializations, and play styles.

Fans should enjoy the expansion as it further explores the Western European front of World War II. While “The Western Front Armies” was only a multiplayer expansion to Company of Heroes 2, “Ardennes Assault” brings home one of the most critical and lauded engagements of the war. Check out the trailer below.


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